Thursday, 4 April 2013

What beauty regime?!

So another day goes by with my only beauty regime being a 3 minute shower (in which I manage to brush my teeth and wash my face but not my hair), a quick scrape through my hair with a brush and then up it goes into a ponytail, and getting dressed into leggings, a vest top and a long cardigan! Being at home means that I tend to choose clothes like these because they are comfy and don't get in the way or cut into my new-found "curves" when I am cleaning, playing cars with H, or sitting down to write!

With hair as naturally curly and fine as mine, I can't wash it every day anyway because it would end up in a not so fetching fuzzy halo around my head! I tend to wash it about three times a week and then blowdry it straight so it is easier to manage. I did manage to have it cut for the first time in a year for my birthday in March and I always have high hopes of maintaining the cut with regular trims, but in all reality, that never happens!!

I would love to be one of those effortlessly cool and sophisticated mums who actually look half-decent after a "beauty regime" like mine but I am definitely a high-maintenance kind of girl. If I don't exfoliate my whole body, moisturise, fake tan, put a full face of make up on and blowdry my hair to within an inch of it's life, I end up looking like an extra on A's Friday night favourite; "The Walking Dead". Add that to a desperate need for at least two pairs of Spanx (or actually a cheap version of Spanx) whenever I try to get into any kind of decent-looking ensemble, and you get the picture.

Don't get me wrong-I do not want to be a "Skinny-Minnie". I had enough of that in high school and being a size 6 with huge 'assets' (family trait) always attracts the wrong kind of attention in my experience, but going from a size 6/8 in your teens to a size 14/16 in your late twenties feels like a step too far. My body shape suits a size 10/12 much better, so I am hoping I can get back to that within the next six months to a year. I want to feel good about turning the big 30 and I won't if I still have my post-baby belly and wobbly bum!

Having said that, I am actually rubbish at exercise and diet plans, so any advice offered would be gratefully received! I will blog on my progress and if I find any good recipes, I will add them here so you can all try them out.

One thing I do know though, is that whilst having a baby has done nothing for my physical side, it has worked wonders for my mental side. I am much stronger and more able to stand up for myself and my family now and I am lots more confident in my choices I make. This, I am sure, comes from knowing that every decision I make now has the best interests of my family taken into account so it makes it easier to be sure of them.

With that being said, I should probably remind myself that being healthy and happier with my appearance is going to be the best for my family in the long run and just stick to it, but only after I finish that pack of biscuits in the cupboard of course...


  1. I know the feeling :( my top tip would be to enter an event that is a bit of a challenge. It's the only way I can make myself exercise. I'm doing a half marathon in June and forcing myself to get out running occasionally because I know I'll be disappointed if I can't complete the race. It hasn't been a miracle cure to my lard situation, but it has at least stopped me from getting any lardier despite an influx of easter chocolate. Small mercies and all that. Good luck :)

    1. Fab advice Natalie!! Was thinking of doing the Race for life again this year (walked it with my 8 week old baby in the carrier last year!). I will sign up tomorrow-that will get my lazy butt moving!! ;) Well done you-I haven't been able to run since having H because of how high impact it is but I'm sure a low impact power walk will work!! X