Wednesday, 3 April 2013

End of the "Firsts"

It has just dawned on me that this Easter was the last of the "firsts" that I will share with H before his first birthday.  We had a lovely, busy time over the Bank Holiday weekend, and even managed a whole day of relaxing on Easter Sunday-no mean feat in our world!  I don't know if this makes me happy or sad to be honest though-I am sad that everything will be something we have done before now, but also excited for his birthday and to make every event even more special now that we have made all our 'mistakes' and know what we would like it to be like.

I know with absolute certainty for example, that I will never again venture on to the Tube with my buggy and a heavily pregnant friend!  Saturday was an absolute nightmare of trying to negotiate non-puschair/wheelchair-friendly tube stations, to a point where after an hour of being stuck underground me, my desperate-looking friend and a sleeping H decided to just go back to St. Pancras International and have another coffee there!!

Another realisation this weekend has been how much I would like my HarryCakes Creations gift business to work out.  We spent a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon in Hobbycraft on Monday (my turn to choose the afternoon's activities), where I spent a small fortune on supplies to get myself motivated to make up more stock.  It worked and I now have a beautiful new collection to add to my website and Facebook page.  I am now looking into how I promote it a bit more and get myself "out there", so I have been checking out some craft and gift fairs to go to sell at and I was thinking of renting a stall at some of the nearly new sales in my area and advertising on the Facebook sites that will allow me to.  It struck me whilst making my creations how much I enjoyed it and that it didn't at all feel like work and that is exactly how I want to feel when trying to earn a crust!!

Here are a few of my new creations:

Making these have definitely got my creative juices flowing!  Best to put this new-found energy to good use and start planning H's First birthday party-the countdown has started!


  1. Thanks Nathalie! I've got more coming so stay tuned! :)

  2. These are so beautiful

    I love the fact that they are all so unique.

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