Monday, 25 February 2013

Trying for number 2.

Since H was about 3 hours old, I have been broody for number 2. At first I put it down to my hormones going mad but 9 months later, I still have that same urge. A now says he is ready to start trying for number 2 and I am taking my folic acid, but we just can't seem to get around to the 'trying' part!!
Despite me still finding my husband extremely attractive, I certainly don't feel as sexy as I used to. My body has had a drastic overhaul during and since my first pregnancy. I have put on a couple of stone (I could have lost at least a stone very happily before getting pregnant), I have a LOT of stretchmarks and nothing quite feels 'right' with my body. All of this means that bring intimate is something that has previously been reserved for high days and holidays, but now the pressure is on to 'get jiggy with it'!
The question is, how after a morning of looking after my son and inevitably being covered in at least one bodily fluid, an afternoon at work being potentially covered in an animal's bodily fluid and coming home to finish the housework hubby has usually not got around to finishing, do I then make myself feel sexy?! How do other people ever manage to conceive number two when it is a juggling act just looking after number one?! If H doesn't wake up again tonight like last night, I'm going to put my 'sexy' head on and let you know how it goes!!

Thursday, 21 February 2013


My Great-Niece was Christened on Sunday and I was so looking forward to it. I don't live near my family, so when we have a good excuse to get together we usually make the most of it.

This time however, it seems to have brought out some unexpected feelings in my husband (A) and I.
I have been wanting to have H Christened since before he was born, my husband has very strongly opposed this, and if you knew my husband, he doesn't tend to strongly oppose anything! I have found this quite difficult to come to terms with because, although I am not someone who goes to church, I have my own beliefs (or "superstitions" as A calls them). My argument to this is that A doesn't walk over triple drains in case it is 'bad luck', so why can't I have H Christened?! After many long discussions, A seems to have relented on this one but this means I will probably have to organise it by myself-no mean feat when you are looking after a 9 month old, working 30-40 hours a week and trying to keep your house and numerous pets from falling apart!!

So for now, H will go un-Baptised and I will continue to plan his 1st Birthday. Teddy Bear's Picnic anyone?!