Monday, 22 April 2013

Onwards and upwards!

I have been absent from the blogging world over the couple of weeks because my little man has been poorly- hardly eating and being fairly grumpy (not surprising with a sky-high temperature). I initially thought he was teething but it was hand, foot and mouth disease!! He caught it from my great-niece who caught it from an 'unclean' soft play area. One thing H being poorly has done is bring home to me that no matter how old he gets, every time I see him poorly or in pain it will tie my tummy up in knots and make me want to cry!

One thing that I am so grateful for this week is how good-natured H is, poorly or not. We enjoyed a wonderful family day at the park a couple of Saturdays ago, making the most of the gorgeous weather we had and whilst we were there, H had his first feel of grass (he was too tiny last summer) and loved running his hands through it. On the Sunday, we drove to beautiful Arundel for my best friend's baby shower and then took a detour on the way home to visit family in Chichester. Even though he was clearly feeling out of sorts, he charmed everyone at the baby shower and definitely enjoyed flirting outrageously with all of the cooing women!  Here is a picture of my gift offering for the baby shower:

On a trip into town in the week, he even had the whole bus waving 'bye bye' on our way home!! These little things certainly make the lack of sleep easier to deal with and make me realise how lucky I am to have such a cheery little chap!!

This weekend we managed to enjoy some sunshine in the park again now H is back on top form and picked up a few bargains at a local NCT nearly new sale! We bought H some new trousers and shorts and he actually managed to wear a pair in the park yesterday!!

I have also signed up for a 10 week exercise programme in the hopes that it will kick-start a bit of weight loss and get me back into a healthier way if life. I will keep you posted on how that all turns out!!

Apart from all of that, I have been keeping myself busy creating some new products for my business and finding places to sell them. I have found one local place and took my wares there on Sunday.  It went really well and I gave out many business cards so I hope to go again and have been invited to sell at a craft fair coming up soon off of the back of it so I am hopeful that this means things are talking off!! I will certainly keep you posted.

Time to do some online
food shopping now because we didn't get around to it this weekend with all the fun we had!! ;)

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