Sunday, 24 March 2013

Super-Mum Sunday!!!

I'm sitting in bed writing this blog on my phone (the computer is too noisy for oh), contemplating a life that used to be.

Pre H, hubby and I used to call Sundays "Naked Sunday", for reasons best left to the imagination. We used to only get up to walk our two dogs in the afternoon and grab some sustenance before inevitably heading off to bed again.

Nowadays, I find myself up, very much dressed (to cover up the new wobbly bits I seem to have acquired), and entertaining a lively 10 month old usually before 7am.

Where I used to only just about manage a couple of miles walk, I spend my Sundays cooking, cleaning, entertaining, washing, ironing, making nappy cakes-you get the picture. Whilst carrying out all of these 'chores' today, I found myself pondering back to the 'good old days'. Then it hit me; I LOVE my "Super-Mum Sundays" (their new name, obviously)!! I love looking after my lo and hubby, I love playing with them in the park, I love cooking and baking and being creative with my nappy cakes, and I love going to bed on a Sunday night looking forward to next Sunday when we get to spend quality time together.

That is the important thing though...the quality time. We live such busy lives being "Super-Mums" that I often see the quality time go out of the window with families-including my own at times. Then I suddenly take a step back from whatever oh-so-important chore I am undertaking and remind myself that H will only be this young for a moment in time and I will look back on this time one day and not remember whether the ironing pile was huge, or the floors were dog hair-free, but that this was the day that we completely trashed his nursery by playing so much, and that this was the day he showed me that he can undress himself!!

The thing with being a "Super-Mum" is that, whilst it is very fashionable, it isn't particularly attainable. Not for me at least. I have always striven for perfection in everything I do, probably partly because i read too many magazines and that is what they promote and the only thing I can actually say I reached perfection with is making my son. (Aaaahhhh!). It is all very well secretly competing for the most unusual home-cooked lunches with the other parents in the baby group, nursery or school gates to give yourself a bit of motivation but not at the expense of quality time with your loved ones I say.


  1. Here's to messy homes, average lunches and happy children! Keep on playing Mom - good for you!