Friday, 8 March 2013

Childminder vs Nursery

Today I have been let down again by my childminder. I really wouldn't mind if I didn't have to get to work after an already absent week, it would be a good excuse to stay home and snuggle-especially with this awful weather we are having.

I had two weeks to find this childminder, having been let down by my previous decision and I felt pretty confident at the time that it was the right choice for us but now I feel that we should have looked around a bit more before committing ourselves to this person. I really didn't want to go with a childminder in the first place, preferring the school-like qualities of a nursery and liking the structure there. This decision was taken out of my hands though when we found out just how much said nursery would cost!! With the childminder's fees I already work to pay her for most of my shift-let alone the nursery prices.

Obviously, the ideal choice for me would be to stay home and look after H myself-especially as he always seems to be poorly at the moment, but finances won't allow this, so what do I do? Stay with a childminder I'm not happy with or move him to a nursery we can't really afford?

There is a third option of course-starting up my own business and trying to earn money that way. It is something that I am seriously considering and I might just have a good enough idea to do it. That would mean that I could be home with H whilst contributing to the family finances and not miss out on any of his milestones and he would hopefully not be so poorly then. I'm sure it is just a pipe dream at the moment but I'm definitely going to look into it. Can't hurt-right?!

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