Saturday, 16 March 2013

Spring clean time...

Today I was left wondering when the "nesting instinct" is supposed to leave you? My little boy is 10 months old...can I still get away with calling my OCD-like tendencies "nesting"?!

I am definitely having a fairly rough time at the moment, which is something that always sends my OCD into overdrive. I have managed to go shopping (clothes and food) visit A's Nan for her birthday, and then come home and completely re-arrange H's nursery and then made a good start on my bedroom before hubby intervened and made me sit down and watch "West is West" with him over a huge pile of fish and chips! (FYI; if you haven't seen it, you are probably best off not bothering-it is nowhere near as funny as the first one!!)

I always do this though, I find myself in a stressful situation so I 'take control' by making some home improvements. I'm hoping this time will also serve to be fruitful for my purse too because I have also recently decided that I have way too much 'stuff' and I could do with getting rid of most of it. I'm going to try to design myself a capsule wardrobe and sell/donate all of the items I haven't used since H was born or before. From the looks of it-that is most of my wardrobe . I will try to keep only the things that have true sentimental value or that I use regularly.

If you know me, you will know how tough that will be for me, because I am a true hoarder at heart! Since having H though, I have realised just how many 'things' we have that we just don't need or use. We buy things for the sake of it or to Keep up with the Jones' and I'm finally bored of it!! It is high time we simplify our lives and get rid of all the clutter (well mine anyway, A is the ultimate hoarder and staunchly refuses to get rid of even his holiest socks and pants!!). I just feel that I don't want my son growing up to believe that possessions are more important than love, or experiences and adventures. I know children like that and it is so sad to see them value the newest computer game over spending time with loved ones.

I am by no means innocent of spoiling my son with possessions-this afternoon's re-arrangement certainly proved that, and I must say it is extremely difficult not to have toy/buggy/snack/outfit envy when H goes to playgroups and play dates but I am promising myself now that I will do my very best to offer H quality time before I offer him a new toy/book/outfit and hopefully that will show him the qualities I will admire in him when he is older.

I think putting the money I make into an ISA for H is also a good way to start showing him that saving rather than spending is the way to get where you want to be in life.

Wish me luck!!

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