Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Go me!!!

Whilst looking after my poorly boy (again) today, I had a flash of inspiration and thought how much easier life would be if I were my own boss!!  The more I looked into it, the more the idea grew, and although I have been "tinkering" with the idea for a while, and making nappy cakes and prettily-wrapped gifts for a while, I realised after some research that this was something I could make some money doing and if it leads to me being my own boss then that would be even better!!

I confess, I have had a Facebook page advertising a few of my wares pretty half-heartedly since before Christmas, and have been meaning to be more creative with it and get some proper pictures up etc, but have found myself just about treading water since going back to work.  So I took the opportunity whilst H was napping and set up my own website!!  I have completed most of it, so now all I need are the products so I can sell them on there!!  

I am now finding myself full of hope that this will take off and start something for me to enjoy for myself away from the family and work dramas.  Once it is all up and running smoothly, I will post a link from here so you can have a peruse at your leisure!!

I will be starting out small I think, just some nappy cakes, nappy crackers and small gifts and then if they take off, branch out into making my own personalised/tailor-made gifts and then maybe onto making baby items, like bibs, blankets etc.

How exciting!!

Grotty H in bed with us because he can't sleep!!


  1. Your business sounds amazing, I will definitely keep an eye on it :)

  2. I will let you know when my website is up and running properly Natalie. Thanks for the boost!! :)